The Dicksmack Journey

My guess is I have so many creative ideas running through my head. Looking back I am either driving, flying in the air, or running the trails with my thoughts locked in my creative recesses of my mind.

I believe I am always looking at different angles or an outside the box thinker to add a unique perspective. Along my travels I took time to write down my thoughts or slogans and produce some creative visual concepts bouncing around. Soon I realized that my style was edgy and mildly offensive.

Graphically I was challenged but through the advent of innovative technologies it is easy to network and collaborate with others on your ideas.

Obviously, I tired of the current product tees and ball caps off-the-shelf. Yeah, I am baseball fan but comm’on does everyone have to wear a Yankees hat. I respect the person that has some originality to put on their everyday clothes or casual weekend wear that reflect a cool style. Hence, I have enjoyed the skateboarder, surfer and snowboarder gear wear.

Dicksmack was originally grouped into a collection of thoughts but the more I kicked the name around in my head it become clear that this branding was the right genre and niche market to express my creative ideas.

Now I hope that I can inspire others to enjoy ‘Dicksmack’ life, ‘Dare to Offend’.....



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